Corvallis Campus Vision Update - August 2020

DRAFT - Corvallis Campus Vision - Executive Summary (17 pages)

DRAFT - Corvallis Campus Vision (12 MB, 226 pages)

Creating a Vision for the Corvallis Campus

OSU has launched the Corvallis Campus Vision, an effort focusing on guiding the development of the physical campus in Corvallis over the next decade. This plan will support:

  • academic, research and outreach missions;
  • quality of our student life; and 
  • our place in the community.

The purpose of the OSU Corvallis Campus Vision is to identify the university’s values and vision for how the campus will evolve over the next 10 years. The Vision will serve as a partner document to the Strategic Plan 4.0.

We'll provide updates and opportunities to share your input as the effort moves forward. Until then, for more information contact:

Lori Fulton, Manager, Project Delivery, University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations