The guiding principles of the Corvallis Campus Vision cluster around several themes that reflect the ethos of social and environmental responsibility to which OSU renewed its commitment with SP4.0 and were informed by the thoughtful responses of current students, staff and community members during the outreach process.

Environmental Responsibility

The campus should minimize its environmental impacts and support sustainability education, research, innovation and leadership.

Contiguous Natural Resource and Agricultural Land
The campus should advance the university’s legacy of natural resource and agricultural teaching and research on contiguous and accessible land.

Social Responsibility 

The campus should continually undertake universal-access improvements for diverse ages and abilities.

The campus should prioritize inviting spaces that express a welcoming and inclusive campus culture.

Respect for Resources

Fiduciary Responsibility
The campus should serve as a responsible steward of public resources, tuition dollars and philanthropic contributions.

The campus should focus on providing flexible spaces and facilities that can evolve with the needs of innovative research and learning.

Campus Integrity

Connected Open Space
The campus should support the network of usable outdoor spaces that are integrated into the campus fabric and continue this pattern in expansion areas.

Robust Infrastructure
The campus infrastructure, including buildings, open space and utilities, should be durable, resilient and of sufficient capacity and condition to support all campus activities and services.

Distinguished Character
The campus should maintain the distinctive positive aspects of the campus character and ensure that all development reinforces those characteristics.

Community Strength

Internal Connectivity
The campus should reinforce its physical framework with circulation systems that knit the campus together and promote community cohesion.

Public Connections
The campus should encourage constructive interaction with the city and surrounding communities.

Safety and Security
The campus should continue to cultivate a community oriented toward campus safety and security.