What is the Corvallis Campus Vision?

The Corvallis Campus Vision is a planning document that creates a framework of guiding principles, values and goals for future improvements on OSU’s Corvallis campus. The CCV is in support of the university’s Strategic Plan 4.0 goals and it will take into account numerous considerations, including accessibility, natural resources and open spaces, connectivity, enrollment projections and infrastructure needs identified in OSU’s 10-year capital forecast.    

Why create a campus vision?

The university continues to operate in changing and challenging times. The Corvallis Campus Vision helps maintain and communicate a focus on what’s important to students, faculty, staff, community residents and the people of Oregon and how the campus can best serve them.

How will the Corvallis Campus Vision be used?

The Corvallis Campus Vision’s guiding principles serve as a new tool for assuring that future projects, whether redevelopment, new development, or infrastructure improvements, are aligned with the university’s strategic plan and other planning documents. The Corvallis Campus Vision also informs updates to internal OSU planning efforts and construction standards.

Who approved the Corvallis Campus Vision?

Similar to the university’s strategic plan, following extensive outreach and input, OSU’s interim president, Becky Johnson, approved the Corvallis Campus Vision and the university’s Board of Trustees accepted the CCV in April 2022.