Strategic Plan 4.0

The Corvallis Campus Vision is supported by the goals and actions of SP 4.0, OSU's strategic plan. The CCV articulates clear direction that aligns campus adaptation and development with SP4.0’s commitment to inclusive academic excellence.

OSU Transportation Plan

Building on OSU’s Transportation Plan, the CCV calls for circulation that prioritizes the accessibility and safety of pedestrian and cyclist travel as well as reduced traffic and parking. It proposes mobility hubs located on key routes and destinations on the Corvallis campus.

Sustainable Transportation Strategy

The actions identified in the Sustainable Transportation Strategy support the CCV’s design guidance for campus gateways and edges, and well as defines strategies to reducing single occupancy vehicle drive alone rates to the Corvallis campus.

OSU Historic Preservation Plan

The goal of the OSU Historic Preservation Plan is to integrate preservation considerations and techniques in planning and development decisions in an effort to protect and preserve historic characteristics and resources within OSU's Historic District. The CCV seeks to preserve the distinctive historic character of the Corvallis campus’s physical form while supporting OSU’s mission.

Campus Sign Plan

Clear signage is a strategy identified in the CCV for reinforcing a strong sense of place and creating visual connections around the Corvallis campus. The Campus Sign Plan contains a set of signage standards that reinforce the campus environment and extend OSU's brand to the campus community.