Corvallis Campus Vision

The campus vision shows that, within the Corvallis campus boundary, there is enough space to meet the university's needs within the next decade and beyond. The Corvallis Campus Vision map identifies opportunity sites, which are areas that have the potential to be developed, based on opportunity and need and balanced within the context of the university's environment. Not all opportunity sites will be developed, and not all opportunity sites are identified as buildings. An opportunity site could be a potential green space, a parking lot or a building.  

Download small format (8.5 x 11) of the map with legend (pdf)

Download large format of all the Corvallis campus vision maps (links to Box folder - pdfs)  

Central Area

The Central Area is the heart of the Corvallis campus. In recognition of its importance to history and culture, much of the area has been designated a National Register Historic District.

Central Area Recommendations

Current and Future Projects

South Area 

Characterized by student-life facilities, prominent athletics functions and the SW Western Boulevard edge of campus, the South Area is an important part of student life on the Corvallis campus. The prominence of Reser Stadium and OSU's high visibility along SW Western Boulevard make the South Area an important university interface with the community.

South Area Recommendations

Current and Future Projects

East Area

The East Area is characterized by student living and historic open spaces. It provides an important interface with the community.

East Area Recommendations

Current and Future Projects

West Area

Characterized by a wide range of research and operations functions, the West Area is integral to the university’s identity as a center of innovation and environmental and social progress. It also hosts a critical connection for the community along the multiuse trail.

West Area Recommendations

Current and Future Projects
Completed Projects
  • Oak Creek Greenhouse