University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations (UFIO) manages and improves the physical Oregon State University campus. 

Capital Planning

We work with university leadership, faculty and staff to create forecasts and plans for OSU's capital investments and renewal. Capital Planning supports the University’s long-term goals and priorities for responsible growth and development.

Facilities Services

We keep OSU's environments safe, maintained, efficient, comfortable and beautiful.

Financial Services

Supporting UFIO by providing finance, budget and accounting services.

Leasing and Strategic Real Property Management 

We oversee leasing and real property transactions for Oregon State University. 

Project Delivery 

We manage campus-wide design, construction, and large-scale renovation projects. Our Project and Construction Managers work with contractors to coordinate capital construction on campus. Services include reviewing the design/scope of a project, administering and monitoring a project budget, and ensuring all requirements and timelines are met. We also make sure that all State building codes, policies and procedures are followed during construction.

Space Management/Capital Resource Management

We maintain and manage the university’s space inventory.

Sustainability at OSU

We work to reduce the OSU’s overall environmental impact and communicate sustainability efforts to the campus.

Transportation Services

We provide safe, sustainable, customer-focused and fiscally-sound transportation programs and services.


University Architect

University Land Use Planning 

We work with OSU leadership, city and county public officials, community members, and other Capital Planning and Development units to provide guidance on large-scale land use at OSU, zoning and regulatory requirement compliance, permitting, and surveys and assessments.