Packing Materials

Independent Move Supplies

If your department is working directly with a moving company and paying for services from department funds, obtaining materials will be largely on your department.

  • There are many suppliers available in BennyBuy. Space Management typically recommends Uline, UHaul, or Office Depot.

*In some cases the moving company will include supplies in their services. Ask for specifics when you contact them.

Project Based Move Supplies

Some packing supplies will be provided by the moving company.

What the moving company supplies:
  • Sticker labels that will easily come off items
  • Tape
  • Boxes in sizes Medium (approx. 18” x 16” x 18”) and Small (approx. 16” x 12” x 12”)
  • Other packing supplies specifically requested in the bid
What the department is expected to supply:
  • Packing tape dispensers
  • Specialty supplies not included in bid
Project based move supply drop off
  • Drop offs for supplies will begin 3 months before the move.
  • Drop offs will increase as the move gets closer and more packing is being done.
  • If a department needs additional supplies, they can work with the space management move coordinator for a drop off.

Supply Room

It’s best to have one area in the building (or one area on each floor) to have supplies available for people to access.

  • Packing tape dispensers tend to wander off so place signage asking people to return tape dispensers following use.
  • Print out a layout of the new location with names on it and place in the supply room to allow for employees to determine where their items are moving and properly label them.

Packing and Labeling Instructions:

    1. Every item that is to be moved MUST be labeled. This includes chairs, lamps, standing pads, monitor arms etc.
      1. Labels should focus on where the item is being moved: Building Name, room number, owners name, optional: item (Snell 109, Muller, Books)
    2. The move company will bring a few box sizes. Heavy items (books) should go in the smaller boxes.
    3. File cabinets must be completely emptied into boxes.
    4. The employees (labeled!) recycle bin is where phones, phone chords, computer mice, keyboards, and speakers should be placed for easy access post-move.
    5. If something is a personal item that an employee is concerned about- the employee should move it themselves. The moving company is careful, but we typically recommend that employees transfer their own personal items.