Smaller moves have slightly more flexibility in the timeline of submitting move related requests to campus groups. It is always recommended to reach out as soon as you know the details regarding a move to give campus groups more notice to accommodate the request in their schedules. The following is a list of resources to consider for a small move.

Request resource list for small moves

Community Network service move request

CN office move request form -fill out this form for each individual moving.

Network service move request

Network move request form – fill out this form requesting a network connection transfer. In the description box, state additional details for each individual moving (where they are currently located and where the will be moving to).

Phone move request

Telecommunications request- fill out this form for each individual moving.

Key request form

Key shop request form- must be filled out by the key authorizer of your department.

Surplus request form

Surplus request form- to pick up items that are no longer in use.

EH&S Chemical and hazardous waste transfer request

If you have any chemicals or hazardous waste that will need to be disposed of or moved you must contact EH&S at least 3 months prior. EH&S will provide individuals with a guide that clarifies the chemical move process.

*EH&S requires at least three months’ notice to transfer chemicals and hazardous waste.

Additional Information for Small Moves

  • If you have a leased Ricoh printer that will need to be moved, Ricoh must do the transfer themselves.
  • Contact Printing and Mailing Services with your new location.

Review the Supplies and Packing webpage for information on obtaining supplies and standard packing procedure.