The following guide provides a general timeline and step-by-step outline of the forms a department move coordinator will use to prepare for a department relocation.

6-8 Months before a move

At the 6-8 month mark before a move there is generally limited information regarding exact personnel moving, locations, or dates the move will occur. However, campus groups need to begin planning their schedules. A notification is needed to each of the following groups via email to inform them of the upcoming move. In most instances for large moves, this notification will come from Space Management.

General Notification

General notification given to the following groups that a move will occur in a specific time period (i.e Snell Hall, 40+ people, Summer of 2021). See Department Move Resources for contact information related to campus groups.

Notified Groups

  • Space Management
  • Telecomm
  • CN/Individual IT Support
  • Networking
  • Academic Technologies
  • EHS
  • Surplus
  • Recycling
  • Key Shop
  • Facilities

3-4 Months before a move

At this point in time, there should be a better understanding of exactly who is moving and where they will be located. Each of the following forms need to be filled out.

CN service move request

The moving company will physically transfer computers/monitors to new locations but they will not disconnect/reconnect any items. Any computer electronics will not be touched by the moving company if they are not unplugged prior to the move. The computer move request is used to schedule IT to unplug computers/printers the day before the move and reconnect these items in the new space as well as keep track of active networking.

The CN office move request form should be used to connect with community network for the move. This form appears to show up for one individual. Begin filling out the information for one person. In the notes section, specify that the move will be for x number of people and the approximate date/timeline of the move. In the attachment box please include a spreadsheet with the following information for all people moving:

      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. ONID
      4. Email
      5. Current building
      6. Current room number
      7. Building they are moving to
      8. New room number of where they are moving

*If you have questions about this, I recommended filling out the CN request and once the ticket is active, connecting with the CN group.

Network move request

Network move request: Used to transfer network service and activate computer ports in the new location.

Once you open the link, select “Submit Help Request”

Under category choose “Network connection”

In the description field, state that the network connections will need to be transferred due to a move for x number of people. Include the approximate date/timeline of the move. In the attachment box please include a spreadsheet with the following for all individuals moving:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. ONID
  4. Email
  5. Current building
  6. Current room number
  7. Building they are moving to
  8. New room number of where they are moving

Phone move request

Telecommunications request: To move phone service to new office location.

This form, like the CN form, appears to be set up for one individual. Begin filling out the form for one person and specify in the notes section that the move will be for x number of people and the approximate date/timeline of the move.

Once you submit this form, a ticket is opened for the request. Telecomm will then add you to a Box drive where there is a spreadsheet available that you must fill out specifying information needed for each phone line moving. Make sure to include information for phone lines associated with conference room phones and printers.

Classroom/class lab technology move request

Moving companies will not disconnect computers, podiums, projectors, etc. If there is a classroom or class lab that will need to have the technology transferred to a new location, a classroom technology request must be submitted with Academic Technology.

Information to include on request:

  • Current location of classroom/class lab
  • Description of technology that will need to be moved
  • Location the technology will move to.
  • Date of move (approximate timeline if date is not confirmed)

*There is an attachment section of the form to upload for multiple classrooms/class labs

EH&S Chemical and hazardous waste transfer request

If you have any chemicals or hazardous waste that will need to be disposed of or moved you must contact EH&S at least 3 months prior. EH&S will provide individuals with a guide that clarifies the chemical move process.

Key request form

The Key shop request form- must be filled out by the key authorizer of your department. The key shop will need a list of people moving.

Surplus draft item list

It is vital to begin drafting a list of items that will no longer be used post-move early on. Begin reaching out to individuals who will be moving and asking for them to provide a list of any large furniture items they will not be taking.

2 Months before the move

At the two month mark, it’s important to shift gears from the individuals moving to the items moving.


Often, there is very little down time between when a group moves out of a space and when construction begins. It is important that groups communicate with Surplus and begin preparing items for Surplus to pick up ahead of move out.

Large Surplus items
  • By two months from the move, a department should have a clear list of the larger items they will not be taking. If these items are available for Surplus to pick up pre-move, fill out a Surplus Request Form to allow Surplus to pick up the item. If the items cannot be transferred to Surplus until after the move takes place, make sure that you have a detailed list of these items and have coordinated with Surplus the details of the list so they will know what to expect after a move takes place.
Small Surplus items
  • Work directly with Surplus to identify the best practice for clearing these items Surplus Request form- that can be used to request a surplus pickup.
  • In past moves, departments have set aside a specific room for employees to place surplus items and schedule weekly surplus pickups for the month of the move. This is subject to Surplus availability.


Fill out the recycling service request form to request additional bins for move out. There is often a purging of old materials during a move and it is best to have additional recycling bins in advance of heavy packing weeks.

Wall item work order

The moving company will not remove whiteboards, corkboards, shelves, screwed in cabinets, or modular furniture.

  1. Create a list of items that have wall attachments and their locations.
  2. Fill out a work order request form specifying the week before the move for these items to be removed from walls.
  3. Following the move, you will need to submit another work order request to reinstall these items in the new location.

*The reason this wall item is submitted early is to get the work in the facilities scheduling queue.

Identify Recycling and Trash Placements

Confirm with Recycling and Facilities that a location has been identified for trash and recycle pick up. Verify that recycling and facilities have receptacles for the new location or if tenants will be bringing their current bins in the move.

1 Month before move


Encourage packing heavily to individuals and remind them that they cannot access their space during the move so all packing must be done before the first date of the move. *See Supplies and Packing webpage.

Leased Printer Transfer

The moving company will not transfer printers that are leased through Ricoh. Contact Ricoh to have this transferred during the scheduled move dates.

Supply Room Check in

Keep an eye on the supply room and request additional supply drop-offs through space management.

2 Weeks before move

At the two weeks before the move, most move activities should be scheduled and ready. This is the time to check in with campus groups to verify they have you on their schedules and check in on any last minute information they may need.

  1. Contact printing and mailing with new address and move date.
  2. Confirm CN schedule to for the afternoon of the day before the move to disassemble computers and afternoon following the move to reassemble computers.
  3. Verify Facilities is scheduled to remove any items from the wall on the week before the move.
  4. Verify EH&S is scheduled to move any chemicals or dispose of hazardous waste.
  5. Confirm Ricoh is scheduled to move any leased printers.
  6. Contact Facilities to confirm the space will be occupied on the move date and custodial services will begin at that time.
  7. Contact Recycling to confirm the space will be occupied on the move date and custodial services will begin at that time.

Week before the move

  1. Create a general order sequence of items to be moved if there are spaces that should be moved first.
  2. Encourage final packing.
  3. Meet with space management for final walk through.
  4. Employees should take home their laptops and any personal items they would like to move themselves the evening before the move.

Move Day(s)

  • Moves typically begin at 8am on the scheduled move day.
  • All department employees (except a few individuals who will need to help direct movers to placement of items) should remain off-site and working remotely.
  • If space management is helping coordinate the move, the space management move coordinator on site to help direct movers.

Post Move

Down Period

When a move is complete, Space Management requires 1-3 day down period (depending on the size of the move) between when a group is out of the space and when construction/renovation can occur. This allows for campus groups to finish any work in the building before it is an active construction space.

Clean Up

When a group is fully moved out, the space should be clean for the next tenants. All garbage, surplus items, and furniture should be cleared from the space unless space management has approved a specific item to be left for future occupants.

If items are left behind after the move, ABM will be contacted to provide an estimate for clearing the spaces. This estimate will be given to the department with a notice to clear the items. If the items are not cleared, ABM’s work will be billed to the unit that has moved out.