What is OSU Spaces?

OSU Spaces is Oregon State University's space management software which provides users valuable information about OSU buildings and spaces. OSU Spaces provides authorized users the ability to obtain detailed space information including:

  • Ability to view mapped buildings, floor plans, and individual space details within a GIS-powered platform.
  • Quick and convenient access to key information such as address, room numbers, space assignments, etc..
  • Detailed, clickable maps that depict floor plans and individual spaces within campus buildings.
  • Ability to view detailed individual space details such as the name(s) of employee(s) assigned to the space, the space classification and type, square footage, organization assigned, allocation, and functional use.
  • Ability to look up space assignments by organization, employee, etc..

Accessing OSU Spaces:

Approved users can access OSU Spaces by following the link below:


Who can access OSU Spaces?

Any OSU employee can access OSUSpaces using their ONID credentials.

Request Access to OSU Spaces