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OSU Spaces serves as OSU's comprehensive space management system. The tool was planned to launch in the summer of 2023. OSU Spaces is currently in transition to a new software solution due to the phase out of the product powering the system, FMS/Invision.

A dedicated task force has been established to select this new software. The revamped OSU Spaces will continue to offer all the essential features of the current software, delivering valuable information about OSU's buildings and spaces to authorized users. Key functionalities will include:

  • GIS-Powered Platform: Users will have the capability to access mapped buildings, floor plans, and detailed space information within a geographical information system-powered platform.
  • Immediate Access: OSU Spaces will provide quick and convenient access to vital data, such as addresses, room numbers, space assignments, and more.
  • Interactive Maps: Detailed, clickable maps will illustrate floor plans and individual spaces within campus buildings, enhancing the user experience.
  • Comprehensive Space Details: Users can retrieve in-depth information about individual spaces, including the names of assigned employees, space classification, square footage, organization assignments, allocation, and functional use.
  • Flexible Search: The system will allow users to look up space assignments based on various criteria, including organization or employee names.
  • Secure Information: The system will be configured so that only those who have been approved gain access and areas with secure features will hidden.

The evolution of OSU Spaces will ensure that it is a valuable resource for accessing comprehensive information about OSU's buildings and spaces to space liaisons across OSU.

Glossary of Common Terms Used

OSU Spaces: the primary tool used for managing physical space allocation and utilization at Oregon State University, run by a software program called Facilities Management System (FMS). This platform is used to monitor departmental occupancy and identify occupants within various spaces. 

FMS (Facilities Management System): originally known as InVision, FMS is a web-based software at the core of OSU Spaces. It serves as the backbone for spatial data management. 

GIS: Geographic Information System, a technology that allows us to represent our buildings and spaces in a format that closely mimics the real-world spatial layout. This tool aids in accurate mapping and orientation of spaces. 

Cartegraph: the vendor responsible for supplying OSU with the Facilities Management System (FMS) software. They have been awarded a contract for this purpose. 

AiM: a comprehensive facilities management software system used for tracking work orders. Before the implementation of OSU Spaces, building and space information was managed within AiM. Assetworks is the provider of this software. 

AiMCAD: a plugin integrated into AutoCAD, facilitating the connection between data in floorplans, including room numbers and square footage, with other spatial information. 

WebSpace: a specialized tool designed exclusively for tracking space related to research activities for the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Survey. It has only been used by units that are heavily involved in research.  

F&A Survey (Facilities & Administrative Survey): a comprehensive survey conducted every four to five years to provide in-depth insights into how space is being used at OSU. It collects detailed information such as Principal Investigator (PI), occupants, account codes (indices) or grants and functional percentages (research, instruction, departmental administration) for each space. This information helps to ensure OSU receives appropriate compensation in addition to research expenditures. These payments are intended to cover the indirect costs associated with research. This is also called Indirect Cost Recovery or ICR.