All space at Oregon State University (OSU) is owned or leased by the university and is a shared and finite resource. Managing space efficiently reduces resource expenditures for operations and maintenance and reduces the need for capital construction. Allocating space judiciously ensures that existing space is managed efficiently, and new and renovated construction is planned realistically and conservatively.

It is the intent of OSU to provide academic and administrative departments with a quality workplace environment that supports program operations, preserves the value of space, promotes environmental sustainability and reduces operation and maintenance costs. OSU work space should support and improve the productivity of its employees/faculty and programs. Standards and practices for space planning will be used to achieve this goal.

Authority and Administration

To aid in the planning, allocating and managing space on campus, the space planning standards in this document will assist the university community in establishing equitable, consistent, efficient and flexible planning parameters, and help make sound management decisions about space allocations both for new construction and within existing or renovated buildings. Oregon State University (OSU) is using and managing space in a manner consistent with the guiding principles of the Strategic Plan 3.0 of the university. The Space Management unit within Capital Planning and Development (CPD) administers these standards and coordinates their implementation.

Roles in Applying the Standards

The Space Management Team, under the direction of VP Finance and Administration, assists the university community with specific space planning projects and provides customer support on space planning and design related topics. Space Management maintains the inventory of space allocations, types and uses on the campus. The Space Management team is available to work with departments to inventory and assess existing space usage, translate program aspirations into space needs and propose space allocation recommendations, using the standards stated in this document to determine space needs of university departments.

Maintaining an accurate inventory of campus space is a critical part of Finance and Administration. The space inventory database provides important information for maximizing university resource efficiency and financial support. The data are used for determining the rate of Federal Finance and Administration Cost Recovery, internal/external reporting and analysis, master planning, facilities maintenance, logistics, and mail services. In order to maintain an accurate inventory of space, an annual space survey will be conducted. Every department is designated a space coordinator who will work with Space Management to complete the survey, to document any changes in space uses, floor plans, or occupants. It is also important for departments to contact Space Management whenever changes are made within their spaces throughout the year. Space Management works with departments regarding their requests for space, gathering information related to the request, and performing programming and needs assessments.

Special Circumstances

In special circumstances, approved by the Dean and/or Department Chair, faculty or staff office may be larger or smaller than standards. These circumstances might include:

  • Special or unusual building configurations that affect the efficiency of the space
  • Particular accessibility issues
  • Overall school and/or department space constraints or needs