Located within University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations, OSU Space Management is responsible for collecting and maintaining space data for Oregon State University. Our unit also assists in reassignment of space, responding to requests made by campus partners. We are frequently asked to create reports showing space usage organized by location, type and function.

Our Mission:

To promote the efficient use and allocation of university-controlled space by supplying accurate information and analysis informing capital and space planning decisions while optimizing the Federal Finance and Administration Cost Recovery effort for OSU. 


Managing university space effectively leads to: 
•    Awards and/or the allocation of resources from local, state, and federal agencies.
•    Lower operations, maintenance and occupancy costs.
•    Reduced need for capital construction and physical expansion.
•    Improved space utilization, functionality and flexibility.
•    Development of advanced utilization metrics and analytical techniques.
•    Development of processes for space planning and governance.
•    Balanced solutions for collaboration and personal work environments.
•    Improved quality and accessibility of space occupancy data.
•    Campus sustainability by identifying underutilized space and optimizing use of existing space. 


OSU Space Management maintains OSU’s space inventory which consists of detailed records of buildings located state-wide totaling over 9,000,000 assignable square feet. We track information such as: usage, capacity, and occupants. To achieve this, we conduct surveys and other research and maintain the collected space data within OSU’s space database, OSU Spaces. This data informs OSU Space Management in its planning for current and future space needs for OSU. OSU Space Management also prepares and manages AutoCAD drawings of individual buildings ensuring that this critical data is accessible to university stakeholders and external parties.

OSU Space Management conducts annual field verifications of space located throughout OSU. During this process, we visit various buildings, consult with departmental space liaisons, update space data, and report on space opportunities identified through the process. We also conduct field verification audits throughout the year to validate space allocation and usage.

OSU Space Management prepares a variety of reports for university, state, and federal use. Among the reports we prepare is the Annual Space Report, which is provided at the end of each academic year to provide clear and succinct space information for use by OSU stakeholders and external parties. 

OSU Space Management works closely with departments across campus to oversee space requests and find creative and effective solutions when those requests result in competing priorities. We also review policies and standards annually to establish equitable, consistent, efficient and flexible planning parameters for making space allocation decisions for new construction and building renewal/renovation.