The Project Management Manual serves to identify processes, procedures, responsibilities and resources for the management of capital projects, from initiation to completion at Oregon State University (OSU). The purpose of the manual is to provide a consistent, preferred management approach for capital projects.

The Project Management Manual identifies the major elements to be considered during the design and construction of projects and has been created for project managers and construction managers overseeing capital construction projects on behalf of OSU.

Throughout the manual, the responsibilities for project management are assigned to a Project Manager (PM). Many of the capital projects that OSU Capital Planning and Development manage include both a Project Manager (PM) and Construction Manager (CM). The manual does not distinguish between typical roles of a PM and CM.

There are numerous client groups associated with OSU that may initiate project requests and be involved throughout the project. In the Project Management Manual, they are referred to as Units and encompass OSU colleges, departments, offices, divisions, etc. throughout the university.