New capital construction (new building or building addition), major renovation or projects that requires OSU revenue and/or state bond funding that is ≥ $5.0 million, requires inclusion in the OSU 10-year Capital Forecast.   Projects in the 10-year Capital Forecast (Forecast) are reviewed and prioritized by the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) annually in the summer months.  The Project Development Report serves as the basis for prioritization by the IWG.  The Capital Planner and University Architect provide relevant data to inform the prioritization of the projects, and assist in their sequencing within the Forecast based on financial boundaries and capacity of resources. The Associate Vice President for University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations guides projects through the 10-year Capital Forecast approval process.  The Capital Forecast Review Group assesses the financial impact of the Forecast on the university. The Forecast is approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Provost, President and Board of Trustees annually in the autumn. 

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2.01 Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) Prioritization

2.02 Project Programming Study