0.0 Overview
1.0 Capital Planning and Programming
2.0 Capital Budget and Capital Forecast
3.0 University Land Use Planning
4.0 Sustainability
5.0 Project Delivery
6.0 Post Construction
7.0 Appendices


0.0 Overview

1.0 Capital Planning and Programming

1.01 Project Identification

1.02 Initial Discussion & Analysis

1.03 Identify Course of Action

1.04 Project Development Report

1.04.1 Project Development Report Template (.docx)

2.0 Ten year Capital Forecast and Capital Project Initiation

2.01 Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) Prioritization

2.02 Project Programming Study

3.0 University Land Use Planning

3.01 Campus Planning Committee

3.02 Project Submittal Requirement

3.03 Parking Development Agreement (DA)

3.04 OSU National Historic District

3.05 Natural Features

3.06 Transportation and Parking

3.07 Sign Plan

3.07.1 Campus Sign Plan Guidelines (.pdf)

4.0 Sustainability

4.01 Green Building Systems

4.02 Energy Trust

4.03 Utility Metering

4.04 Additional Sustainability Measures

5.0 Project Delivery

5.01 Project Commencement

5.01.1 Project Scope

5.01.2 New Project Set Up E-Builder Project Request Form (.pdf)

5.01.3 Project Agreement Project Agreement (PA) (e-Builder Process) Project Agreement Template (.docx)

5.01.4 Project Schedule

5.01.5 Project Budget Project Management Fee Departmental Rule (.pdf) Linear Equation for Project Management Fee (.xlsx)

5.01.6 Funding

5.02 Capitalization

5.02.1 Capital Accounting Overview

5.02.2 Fixed Asset Types

5.02.3 Building List

5.03 OSU Construction Standards

5.03.1 ADA Requirements

5.04 Consultant Selection

5.04.1 Consultant Retainer vs. Non-Retainer Solicitation

5.04.2 Consultant Selection Process

5.04.3 Commitment Approval (e-Builder Process)

5.05 Design Phase

5.05.1 Geotechnical Investigation

5.05.2 Hazardous Materials and Abatement

5.05.3 Value Engineering

5.05.4 Campus Planning Committee (CPC) CPC Site Approval Staff Report Template (.pdf) CPC Schematic Design Approval Staff Report Template (.pdf)

5.05.5 Historic Review and Approval

5.05.6 AUAC Review AUAC Review Form (.docx)

5.05.7 Utility Coordination

5.05.8 Plan Review Plan Review Comment Form (.pdf)

5.05.9 Insurance Carrier Plan Review AIG Plan Review Desk Submission Specifications

5.06 Contractor Selection

5.06.1 Contractor Solicitation, Contracts and Project Delivery Methods

5.06.2 MWESB

5.06.3 Bid Process

5.06.4 Commitment Approval (e-Builder Process)

5.07 City of Corvallis

5.07.1 City Pre-Development Meeting PRO 3027 from PIP Manual (.pdf - City of Corvallis) Pre-Development Meeting Guidelines (.pdf - City of Corvallis) e-Plans Pre-Development Meeting Guide (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.07.2 City Review Commercial Plan Review Process (.pdf - City of Corvallis) Commercial Plan Review Application Checklist (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.07.3 Permitting Process ePlans User Registration Guide (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.07.4 Public Improvement by Private Contract (PIPC) PIPC Application (.pdf - City of Corvallis) PIPC Application Checklist (.pdf - City of Corvallis) PIPC Permit Procedure Manual (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.07.5 Project Development Guide (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.08 Environmental Permitting

5.08.1 Environmental Impact Reports

5.08.2 Archaeological Sites

5.08.3 Wetland Mitigation Wetland Mitigation for Wetlands and Tidal Waters (.pdf - Oregon DSL)

5.08.4 Water Rights

5.08.5 DSL Permits

5.09 Construction

5.09.1 Pre-Construction Meeting Sign In Sheet (.docx) Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda (.docx)

5.09.2 Safety EH&S Construction Safety Requirements (.pdf) EH&S Safety Policies (.pdf)

5.09.3 Progress Payments Payment Application (.xls) Payment Application (.pdf)

5.09.4 Construction Meetings

5.09.5 Daily Reports Daily Report Template (.docx)

5.09.6 Submittals

5.09.7 RFI’s

5.09.8 Changes PCMM Change Order Process Flow Chart (.pdf - PCMM) Budget Change (BC) (e-Builder Process) Project Agreement (PA) to add $ to Budget (e-Builder Process) Potential Change Order (PCO) (e-Builder Process) Change Order: Construction Contract (CO) (e-Builder Process) Change Order: Professional Services Amendment (PSA) (e-Builder Process)

5.09.9 Invoice Approval (IAP, GIAP) (e-Builder Process)

5.09.10 Campus Closures

5.10 Project Closeout

5.10.1 Substantial Completion

5.10.2 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) TCO Policy & Procedure (.pdf - City of Corvallis)

5.10.3 Punch List

5.10.4 Warranty Period

5.10.5 O&Ms

5.10.6 Record Documents

5.10.7 Archive

5.10.8 Training

5.10.9 Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

5.10.10 Warranty Inspection

5.10.11 Project Close (CLOSE) (e-Builder Process)

6.0 Post Construction

6.01 Lessons Learned

6.01.1 Lessons Learned Checklist

7.0 Appendices

7.01 Acronyms

7.02 Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) Prevailing Wage Rates (PWR)

7.03 Federal Davis-Bacon Act

7.04 Federally Funded Projects