University Land Use Planning (ULUP) is involved in the project development process to assure compliance with OSU, city of Corvallis and other jurisdictional regulations. The Project Manager (PM) should contact University Land Use Planning Manager or Senior Planner as early as possible in order to determine what level of involvement is necessary and which land use processes are applicable. In particular, ULUP must have input on site selection, site development and certain design elements of the building exterior, including the roof. Development in the Historic District includes added restrictions/requirements for changes to the exterior of a building (i.e. windows and building materials) and site improvements (i.e. screening, lighting, and sidewalks).

The PM and University Land Use Planner work collaboratively throughout the project:

  • Programming
  • Pre-Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Permitting
  • Construction
Section Contains

3.01 Campus Planning Committee

3.02 Project Submittal Requirements

  • Campus Master Plan (CMP) Checklist
  • Sector Development Tracking

3.03 Section Deleted

3.04 Historic District

3.05 Natural Features

3.06 Transportation and Parking

3.07 Sign Plan

3.07.1 Campus Sign Plan Guidelines (.pdf)