The OSU Corvallis Campus Vision is a broadly focused, comprehensive, framework that supports the mission, vision and guiding principles of the university, including Strategic Plan 4.0 and will guide future development of campus.

    • site selection criteria
    • design direction
    • effective integration of pedestrian and vehicular movement
    • infrastructure support, and
    • the enhancement and conservation of open spaces

    In balancing these various concerns, the university will continue to be a public amenity for all in the state of Oregon.

    Project Outcomes

    1. Current state of the built environment and related open spaces
    2. Growth projections and the 10-year capital forecast
    3. Vision, guiding principles, core values, and goals for how the campus should look, feel, and function in ten years
    4. Planning concepts and design guidance
    5. Implementation recommendations and priorities. The opportunity also exists to create guidelines for development that will inform updates to internal planning documents, construction standards, and could be used to inform external planning efforts.