GIS Services

Oregon State University's GIS Services publishes maps that capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present various types of spatial or geographical data associated with our campuses. 

We provide a library of interactive and PDF maps for the Oregon State University community, including data for the Campus Map. Contact us at with questions or requests.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

An interactive GIS map featuring all the gender-inclusive restrooms on campus.

AiM Property ID

Each building and real property asset on campus has an AiM property id used to track maintenance and improvements. This interactive map allows you to find the AiM property id for all Corvallis campus buildings and parking lots.

Corvallis Campus Building Chronology

Find out what year a certain building on campus was built using this interactive map detailing Corvallis campus building chronology.

OSU Maps

GIS Services creates and maintains maps for the Oregon State community. Many maps are in PDF format. Contact GIS Services for questions about a map or to request a larger format.

Corvallis Campus at Night 

A map that shows the Corvallis campus at night, highlighting call boxes, emergency phones and lighted ways.

Corvallis Central Station Acres

A map detailing acreage owned by Oregon State University in the Corvallis area.