Financial Services provides the financial services and support for all UFIO operations, including:

  • Integrating asset management to financial models.
  • Creating, amending and managing budgets for UFIO.
  • Utilizing specialized software used by UFIO departments that integrate with university financial systems.
  • Providing resources and tools to assist UFIO budget authorities as they create and manage operating budgets.
  • Processing payments for capital construction, real property and facilities management.
  • Setting up and managing plant funds for each capital construction or improvement project on campus, including creating the plant fund annual report. Plant funds are used to buy, build or maintain capital assets like a building, or a facility/infrastructure improvement. 
  • Managing the capital Project Agreement process including verifying available funds.
  • Paying utility bills for the Corvallis campus.
  • Processing travel reimbursements for UFIO employees.