The E&G funded capital renewal projects are prioritized using the following criteria:

  1. Is this project critical for the building to operate and for people to have access?
  2. Will this project contribute to student, faculty and staff success?
  3. Are there other matching funds available for this project?

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Capital Renewal as part of Major Projects ($7M)
  • Withycombe East Renovation - Dairy Processing Facility ($3m) - part of the $20m project

  • McAlexander Renovation ($4M)

COVID-19 impacts to the university allowed OSU to roll up $37M in unspent funds for capital renewal.

  • LaSells Stewart Center Mechanical and Roof replacement ($800,000)
  • Cordley Hall Renovation ($7.5M)
  • Fairbanks Hall Renovation ($5.7M)
  • Campus Operations Center project ($3.2M)
  • HMSC Seawater ($600,000)
  • West Greenhouse expansion ($3.3M)
  • Milam Hall roof ($1M)
  • Wiegand Hall window replacement ($1.6M)
  • Oak Creek Greenhouse expansion ($1.5M)
  • Library archives and Research Way Building ($1.4M)
  • Radiation Center HVAC ($800,000)
  • District Utility Plant ($800,000)
  • Energy Turbine ($1M)
  • Community Hall Slope ($600,000)
  • Statewide Research ($2.1M) 
  • Other smaller projects
Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Systems - $11.6 million
  • Cordley Hall renovation
  • Agricultural and Life Sciences Building hyperchill process water chiller 
  • Radiation Center chiller replacement
  • Withycomb Hall electrical service upgrade
  • Nash Hall laboratory chilled water system
Fire and Life Safety Systems - $1 million
  • Fairbanks Hall Seismic Safety
E&G Funds Trade - $1.7 million
  • E&G funds traded with State bond funds to reach $100,000 capitalization threshold on smaller, state-wide facilities
Reserves - $695,000


Building Preservation - $3.5 million
  • Roof replacement on Magruder Hall
  • Roof replacement on Oak Creek Building 
  • Roof replacement on Burt Hall 1 
Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Systems - $5.3 million
  • Gilbert Hall chiller replacement
  • Owen Hall chiller, cooling tower and direct digital control replacement
  • Pharmacy Building general purpose classroom 305 chiller replacement
  • Unity HVAC controls for 4 or 5 building (to be determined)
  • Building controls for Agriculture & Life Sciences Building
Reserves - $1 million


Building Preservation - $3 million
  • Roof replacement on Agriculture & Life Sciences Building
  • Burt Hall South roof replacement (approved this fiscal year, scheduled for spring 2019)
  • Roof replacement on 4575 SW Research Way (building purchased 2018)
Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Systems - $1.17 million
  • Pharmacy chiller replacement
  • Owen Hall HVAC replacement design
  • Building controls replacement in Pharmacy, Cordley, Wilkinson and Burt Halls  
Fire and Life Safety Systems - $830,000
  • Kerr Administration Building fire alarms