Capital Planning and Development

We oversee the capital forecasting and planning, leasing and real estate; land use planning; design and development and capital construction, and space management for Oregon State University built environment.

Capital Renewal

Oregon State University is working to address its deferred maintenance backlog and capital renewal needs.


Sustainability & Accessibility

We seek to improve sustainability and accessibility on campus in all new construction, renovations and operations.

Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan was formulated to maintain and enhance the university’s mission in teaching, research and outreach. 

OSU Campus Vision

Oregon State University is working together to identify the values and vision for how the Corvallis campus will evolve in the next 10 years.

Capital Project Updates

Capital Project Updates Feed

Chilled water plants bring energy efficiency and reliability to the Corvallis campus

Feb 7, 2022

by Abbie Leland Chilled water plants, like the recently-completely North District Utility Plant located on the Corvallis campus, are a forward-thinking approach to supplying water to buildings. These utility plants distribute water. The NDUP was designed with modern, energy-efficient chillers and cooling towers. This type of design will bring substantial energy savings and reliability to the… Continue reading

Construction and renovation on the Corvallis campus continues this fall 

Oct 7, 2021

By Abbie Leland  If you haven’t been on OSU’s Corvallis campus much lately, you might notice a handful of active construction sites as you return to campus. Work continues to progress for major projects on campus, including the Fairbanks Hall Renovation, Community Hall Slope, Cordley Hall Renewal and North District Utility Plant projects.    Fairbanks Hall Renovation Project – People returning to campus… Continue reading

Making the Corvallis campus more accessible for all

Apr 9, 2021

While the charm and delight of a 150-year-old campus like OSU’s Corvallis campus cannot be denied, often there are barriers to accessibility for students, staff and community members. One such (large) issue is that of the area surrounding Community Hall. For years, the Community Hall Slope has remained non-accessible to many disabled people due to the… Continue reading